Marijuana health claims lure patients as science catches up

SEATTLE — Marijuana has been shown to help ease pain and a few other health problems, yet two-thirds of U.S. states have decided pot should be legal to treat many other conditions with little scientific backing. At least 1.4 million Americans are using marijuana for their health, according to an Associated Press analysis of states that track […]

CBD and 26 Major Health Conditions

Our understanding of the human body and the advancements in healthcare have produced a population that lives twice as long as it did just 100 hundred years ago. We now have the knowledge and technology to optimize our bodies to their near full potential. Getting a clear understanding of balance, as it relates to your […]

NYC Health Department announces ban on CBD in all bars and restaurants

The New York City Department of Health has announced that bars and restaurants in the city are not permitted to serve CBD products. Despite the legalization of hemp and CBD in the 2018 Farm Bill, a health department spokeswoman said in a statement that the cannabinoid has not yet been approved for use in food and beverage products. “Restaurants in […]

What CBD, hemp products can mean for your health

WAUSAU, STEVENS POINT, Wis (WSAW) — CBD and Hemp dispensaries are starting to pop up across the state of Wisconsin. Store owners say their items are nothing more than alternative health products but doctors are skeptical of the potential side effects. “I’ve received nothing but positive feedback,” stated Mitchell Craven, Co-Owner of Alleviate Wellness in […]