CBD For Pain

Pain is something that we experience on a daily basis. It can come in many forms and sometimes be difficult to manage, however relief-seekers have found the ultimate solution. From those who wake up with aching joints to athletes in need of a recovery boost, a molecule found in hemp called “Cannabidiol,” or CBD, is […]

Off Season Training with CBD Oil for Pain

Athletes are almost always in pain. And depending on the type of sport involved in, certain athlete’s pain levels can be too much to tolerate without some form of therapeutic or medicinal intervention. It’s not uncommon for athletes to take NSAIDs and sometimes even opioids to manage their pain. They may also participate in regular […]

CBD, Pain and Inflammation-Myth or Magic?

  HISTORY OF CBD Although first isolated in 1940, cannabidiol (CBD) had not been completely exploited until the early 1960’s. It has since been identified to have pharmaceutical applications, including anti-inflammatory, neuro-protective and anti-tumor effects, which has led to potential therapeutic interest amongst the pharmaceutical and osteopathic communities. It has been identified through consumer trends […]

CBD Cream for Pain and Recovery: A Natural Way to Treat Sports Injuries

Injuring yourself when doing an activity you love is painful, upsetting, and beyond frustrating. Besides cutting your football match or yoga session short, you now have to go through the process of visiting physicians, doing annoyingly precise exercises, and living life too carefully without your usual vigor. It’s thrilling (sarcasm). Anyone who enjoys being active […]

CBD, Nerve Pain & Neuropathy

NERVE DAMAGE & ASSOCIATON  Nerve pain and neuropathy (damaged nerve cells) have been identified in multiple diseases and illnesses. Clinically, neuropathy has been associated with HIV/AIDS, muscular dystrophy, kidney failure, hereditary motor & sensory neuropathy, compression fractures and breaks, alcohol abuse, diabetes mellitus, peripheral vascular disease and aging. Although nerves as well as nerve injuries […]