7 Life changing health benefits of CBD for senior citizens

As we age in life, we can soon find that our bodies are no longer quite as strong as they once were. Aging, though, does not have to mean that you need to live a life of minimal activity. It’s common for someone to struggle with their health as they age, but there are many useful remedies that you could use to help combat this problem. One commonly suggested solution, then, is that of CBD.

What is CBD?

CBD has become a term that you will hear a lot more, as many western nations begin to realize the various medical benefits that it has. CBD, then, is the abbreviation of Cannabidiol. Yes, it’s part of the cannabis plant. No, it won’t leave you feeling ‘stoned’ or ‘high’ – it has none of the effects caused by cannabis apart from the benefits that we’re about to cover below.

If you are wary of using CBD as you fear that it might leave you feeling under the influence, fear not. The part of cannabis that delivers the psychoactive side of things is called THC, and this is nothing like THC. While many people are open to the idea that CBD could be good for their health, they are unlikely to try it out due to the presence of THC.

However, you don’t need to take one and the other. You can instead get CBD supplements and oils which can provide you with numerous benefits, including the following.

1.    CBD can help to limit pain

CBD is first and foremost a tool for relieving pain, stress and excess tension within the body. This is essential for those suffering from muscle and joint issues, as well as those who suffer from chronic health conditions such as arthritis.

If you presently suffer from such issues, the CBD could help you to limit and remove that pain. It can also help with things like typical joint pain and even Multiple Sclerosis. If you are suffering from these issues, CBD could to relieve you of some of the pain and ensure that you start to feel healthier and more active.

2.    Strengthen bones and improve organ function

Just as you were always told as a youngster to drink milk for calcium to make your bones less brittle, CBD can help to both strengthen bones and improve organ function. This is one of the main reasons to take CBD; it could be the difference between a bruise after a fall or a broken bone. Our bones typically start to lose their strength as time goes on, and you could find that you could easily reduce the likelihood of a fall becoming fatal just by taking CBD.

Your bones and organs need protection; protection which CBD can happily provide.

3.    Sleep easier at night

When you put your head down for the evening, it can be hard to get to sleep as a senior. If you worry that you might struggle to get a good night’s sleep, then CBD could help you to make sure that you get more than forty winks when you go down for the evening.

This is one of the main reasons why you should use CBD; a good quality of sleep is essential to a high quality of life. This helps to calm the body and mind, allowing you to get a healthier, more structured sleep. If you sleep poorly or sleep little, CBD can be very useful indeed.

4.    Fend off and combat neurodegenerative diseases

As we age, our body becomes more likely to face problems such as Alzheimer’s Disease or MS. If you are worried that you might have this waiting for you down the line, CBD could help to prevent or even delay that. While there is more work needed, and more research required. the signs that you could theoretically hold off such conditions from developing – or worsening – by using CBD are there.

With the various benefits that it can offer to the body, such as improving the receptors that interact with our brain and our nervous system, you can usually help to reduce the likelihood of such conditions.

5.    Improve digestion and regulate bowel movements

While it might not be the most glamorous of topics, having a comfortable stomach is obviously very important. With that in mind, we recommend that you look to take care of your bowels by taking in more CBD. It’s excellent for helping to stimulate cells in the body and to stop the development of diseases such as Crohn’s Disease, too.

On top of that, CBD is helpful for making your bowel movements less uncomfortable and more regular. This is because it helps to reduce inflammation within key areas of the body, including near our bowels and digestive organs.

6.    Fight off retinal conditions such as glaucoma

If your eyes are beginning to fail you, then you might need to look at taking CBD. A pair of glasses will do a lot of good for you, but CBD will actively fight issues such as glaucoma for your body. There is a lot of treatment out there showing the benefits, meaning that you can help to reduce pressure within the eye.

It can also help to relieve you of the pain caused by glaucoma, which can be very useful indeed.

7.    Improve heart health and strengthen key organs

Your heart will also thank you if you choose to use CBD. Studies show that CBD has a great means of helping with high blood pressure, helping you to reduce your body and your heart from being under needless pressure. Bad heart conditions can become fatal in a senior, so we recommend that you try and get some CBD into your system as it helps to improve key organ function and reduces pressure on these organs.

Done right, this could really help you to start feeling fitter, stronger and more capable of dealing with the tasks the day throws at you.

Original Article by James Adams

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