Idaho Scientists Develop First CBD Infused Potato

You asked for it, Idaho delivered. CBD Potatoes!

The Idaho based J.R. Simplot Company has announced the successful production of the first ever CBD Potato.

“This is truly groundbreaking,” said Carl Burbank, Head Scientist of Research at Simplot. “These potatoes are generally easy to grow, they’re quick to mature, and they taste great.”

The potato, developed under the once-secret project Chemically Balanced Dog “CBD,” could face legal roadblocks. Traces of THC, the psychoactive substance in Marijuana that produces a high, has been found in the potato.

This may be why it has been named the ‘Mary Jane’ potato.

“We’ve been working ‘round the clock here to get the THC levels below .3 percent,” Burbank said. “Which is the legal maximum allowed in Idaho.”

Under Idaho law any plant containing more than .3 percent THC is illegal.

“It’s taken a lot of persuading to get this project off the ground,” Burbank continued. “When we realized our potatoes were getting our test takers high, we decided to move our operations to Oregon.”

Simplot scientists have been commuting to an undisclosed location in Oregon to continue their research. Burbank has high hopes for the potato plant.

“…potatoes may be able to outproduce Marijuana…”

“Pound for pound, our potatoes may be able to outproduce Marijuana as the largest source of both CBD and THC. If we can get Idaho to legalize, then maybe we can bring our research back to the potato state.”

Simplot hasn’t been shy about the products potential applications. From CBD infused french-fries, mashed potatoes, and hashbrowns, the Mary Jane potato could be consumed with every meal.

Local Boise Chef Marla Pound said she was excited to incorporate the potato into her menu.

“I absolutely love the idea of the Mary Jane potato,” Pound said, during an interview on restaurant row in downtown Boise. “Image having your customers leave your restaurant relaxed and happy. You could give them terrible service, but they’d be so relaxed that the wouldn’t care. Image what that will do for your Yelp reviews?”

Although the Mary Jane potato originated in the potato state, Idaho may be one of the last places where it comes to market. Governor Brad Little and the State Legislature have repeatedly stated that Marijuana and any THC products will remain illegal, even for medicinal use.

“For now, our target market won’t be Idaho,” Burbank said. “But someday, we hope that’ll change.”

Original Article by Boise Times

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