Sometimes good news really does travel fast—and in the case of cannabidiol (CBD), solid information about its benefits has quickly breached the walls of “pot-friendly” consumers and leapfrogged all the way up to the Oval Office itself. In December, President Trump signed the Agriculture Improvement Act of 2018 (better known as the Farm Bill), which legalized CBD in all 50 states: great news for CBD advocates and consumers alike. Even the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) has publicly stated its recognition of the ways CBD can benefit mental and physical health.

All of this is not new news to CBD fans, who know that the non-mood altering extract of the cannabis sativa plant can positively affect everything from anxiety and inflammation to chronic pain and chronic acne. Whether they’re rolled on, held under the tongue as a tincture, or sprayed to an affected area, reputable CBD products help those suffering from mental and physical maladies feel better.

This health help is never more important than during the winter when the cold weather is responsible for more than just wear and tear on your car. In fact, it can badly debilitate your body and mind as well.


Cold weather comes with its own special set of health risks.

Cold and flu season reaches its peak as cold, dry weather wreaks havoc on people’s immune systems. The dark days and freezing nights can lead to a sense of isolation and loneliness, which key right into depressive and anxious tendencies. Luckily, help is at hand for these and a host of other issues.

Dry skin

Often, the first sign of damage from cold weather appears on the skin—which makes sense, as it’s the part of us that’s most exposed to the elements. From basic dry, chapped skin and lips to truly challenging eczema and rosacea, skin conditions never hesitate to make themselves known. The cold weather, overused central heating and biting winds all conspire to dry out our skin and even—somewhat unexpectedly—cause acne flare-ups, by disrupting our natural oil production cycles.

CBD is naturally rich in fatty acids and emollients, like olive or almond oil. Therefore, it acts to soothe and hydrate skin. And don’t forget the skin on your lips: CBD lip balm is a lifesaver when your kisser is too dry and chapped to even discuss such intimacies. Conversely, because it acts as a balancing agent in the subcutaneous glands, where oil is produced, CBD has also demonstrated an ability to reduce flare-ups of acne vulgaris. It’s nature’s balancing act in action.

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Seasonal Affective Disorder

Seasonal Affective Disorder (SAD) has to have one of the most-appropriate acronyms in the mental-health world. SAD, which affects about five percent of people in the U.S., usually hits as the days become shorter and darker and the weather begins to bite. Its symptoms largely mirror those of clinical depression and one of the most effective ways to diagnose it is to track depressive episodes: if at least two occurrences strike at the same time of year (and lift similarly, too), you’re most likely looking at SAD rather than your garden variety form of depression.

Scientists believe that lower levels of sunlight in the shorter winter months can cause a reduction in serotonin, the neurotransmitter that affects our mood. In fact, common antidepressants like Prozac and Zoloft are also known as selective serotonin reuptake inhibitors (SSRIs), because they work with a receptor in our brains known as CB1, to alter serotonin signals. More and more evidence is being collected to support a hypothesis that CBD works to do the same thing.

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Sore throat

Over-heated, stuffy rooms filled with people and few open doors and windows; it’s no wonder that sickness is spread that much more easily in winter. Combine this with the drier air that circulates through centrally heated buildings—which causes throats to feel scratchy and rough at the best of times—and it’s no surprise that one of the most common cold-weather complaints is that of a sore throat.

Because of their proven ability to fight pain, as well as cannabidiol’s noted anti-inflammatory properties, CBD products are ideal solutions to viral sore throat complaints. Specifically, oral CBD sprays are a gift to sufferers in these cases, with their targeted ability to reach the affected area directly and with immediate effect.

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Sinus headaches and flu symptoms

Sinus infections abound in the colder months due to coming and going out of environments with extremely different temperatures. Not only are people more likely to get sick when the weather is darker and more hostile, but the constant nasal streaming causes its own respiratory irritation and inflammation.

All of these elements can lead to chronic sinus congestion issues, often accompanied by aggressive headaches and flu-like pain and pressure throughout the body. Top-quality oral CBD spray can not only help keep some germs at bay, but it can also help to clear sinus complaints as a whole and open up airways with its anti-inflammatory fighting power.

The infamous common cold

To a person with a cold, the term “common” can sound so unfair. Surely the pain and general woe a cold causes its victim is much worse than the name might suggest! But common it is; the viral ailment that strikes without warning and spreads like the plague. Sadly, there are no known cures for a cold, although zinc has been shown to lessen the duration for some sufferers.

The common cold is one instance where the old maxim “an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure” definitely holds true. And in this case, CBD can help: it has been shown to boost the immune system, which aids in fighting off infection. Further, if you acquire the dreaded virus, products like oral CBD sprays can help to target the pain and provide immediate relief.

Finally, while CBD fights the inflammation in your head, sinuses, and throat, THC can help with the pain relief from aching bones and joints—which can be a great help, provided you live in a state where marijuana or medical marijuana is legal and safe to use.


Forget hibernation! CBD For Life has you covered

Cold weather definitely has its drawbacks—but think of all the fun we would miss by hiding from it! Snow sports, après-ski, the thrill of just breathing in the crisp, clean, cold air on a perfectly-icy-but-sunny day…no, hibernating away from the weather simply isn’t worth the trade-off.

The good news is now you don’t have to settle for just one or the other. Whether you have a sore throat or just aren’t feeling like yourself, CBD For Life is here for you. We provide premium products that can make your winter just a little warmer! Share your questions, comments, and reviews below and on social media.

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