Pain is something that we experience on a daily basis. It can come in many forms and sometimes be difficult to manage, however relief-seekers have found the ultimate solution. From those who wake up with aching joints to athletes in need of a recovery boost, a molecule found in hemp called “Cannabidiol,” or CBD, is a solution that is drawing the attention of the masses.

It’s becoming a revolution in health and wellness that has been happening since the early 2000’s. We started “going green” and experimenting with natural and organic based food diets and beauty products. Fast forward to 2010, these lifestyle choices and natural foods began to undeniably provide relief for those suffering from food intolerance, pain intolerance, and troubled mental wellness. This lead to the research of more natural based medicines which soon became the platform for CBD incorporated treatments.

Why CBD?

CBD interacts with a system that our bodies developed thousands of years ago called the Endocannabinoid system. This system exists throughout the body both internally and externally, in what we call CB-1 and CB-2 Receptors, these receptors interact with every other physiological system; circulatory system, respiratory system, nervous system, etc… It serves as a way for the body to regulate its own productivity and place energy where it needs to be used. The CB-1 receptors deal with functions of the central nervous system and act as a neuroprotectant by breaking up pain signals to the brain. CB-2 receptors deal with certain peripheral tissues which can regulate inflammation in the skin, lungs, and other mucosal tissues that may become exposed to pathogens in the environment. Lastly, another very important thing to remember is that mitochondria have CBD receptors, this inhibits cell proliferation and induces cell death of cancer cells and activated immune cells.

Treating Pain

When using CBD there are two ways to treat pain. Immediately with topicals and reducing overall chronic pain with an oil tincture. We recommend both. Our Pure CBD Pain Spray, CBD Rub, and a Massage Lotion or Foot Cream, work great all together to provide instant pain relief. But if you’re looking for the long term success in CBD pain management, you will want to start with a 300mg or 600mg CBD oil tincture used twice daily.  After about 4-7 days of consistent use, pain should be more manageable, sleep patterns will normalize, and overall stress levels should decrease.


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