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that runs on Windows. It was selected as one of PC World’s 101 Fabulous Freebies in 2006. The company stopped supporting the editor on January 1, 2010.

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See the video here: Freebies by mail for mom, babies and the whole family. From top company giveaways and samples to survey and promo sites. Getting freebies by mail is nothing new, but a lot of people fail to see how much money they can save through giveaways, product samples and promotions, and more. Ranging from freebies for mom to babies and the whole family (even free pet samples), there is almost no limit to what you can get if you put in a little work. Some people dislike surveys for whatever reason, but I’ve been completing them for years and have gotten a lot of free stuff and even a little money. What I like is that you can choose to complete a survey or not. when you feel like it or have time, then simply fill a few of them out. It’s a great way to get magazine subscriptions, free meals at your favorite restaurant, etc. If you’re an on-the-go type of person, or just like the power of your phone, grab the free App that let’s you take surveys from the leader, Nielsen, and earn some cool prizes. Grab it free here: Among the sites I’ve listed in the video there are more than just freebies by mail, because the truth is there is so much more in the world of freebies, deals and steals than many people know. I mentioned that my family almost always save an enormous amount of money by using "Deal Alerts" especially on higher priced items. If you know you’re about to buy something, simply enter the price alert for that items and when it’s on sale at or below the price point you’ve set, you’ll get an email notification right away so you can check it out. Timing is everything with online deals. Like a lot of people, I started out just getting freebies by mail, but it didn’t take long for me to see the potential and opportunity. Since then I will frequently pick up an item that is on steep discount somewhere, and then quickly re-list it on eBay at below retail (so people are interested and buy it) and I make a quick and easy profit. As I’ve said, yes, there is some work with shipping, etc. but you’ll find it is so worth it. Some of the freebie sites I’ve listed are specific to an interest, like Steep & Cheap, which seems to cater to mostly outdoors equipment like sports apparel, tents, etc. Then there’s Giveaway Of The Day, which gives away a different software package every day. I made this video because I’m passionate about getting free stuff and finding the best bargains and deals, and it’s all about sharing. What are you favorite sites. please list them in the comment section below. If you found this helpful, share it with others who might be interested in freebies by mail.

Stop the freebies
Miami Herald, on Sat, 19 Dec 2015 13:56:15 -0800
I worked 34 years for a government agency pension. I still pay income tax, property tax and all the rest of the taxes. I also worked 14 years under Social Security and looked forward to a small Social Security pension. Ronald Reagan passed a law called …

The Bride’s Guide to Freebies: Enhancing Your Wedding without Selling Out
Sharon Naylor, published 2012, 288 pages

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