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Coupon Alerts : Target Mobile
Get coupons sent to your phone and redeem them at the register right from your
… via automated technology from Target to my mobile phone number above.


8coupons is a New York-based deal aggregator website that distributes deal updates and digital coupons to consumers based on weekly deals, customized

mobile-coupons-driving-consumers-in-storeMobile coupons – driving consumers in store
from Claudiamob, ago in
Presentation by Claudia Sagripanti to Mobile Monday Sydney in April on mobile coupons. Incorporates overview of proposed mobile coupons trial. Problems with current barcode scanning technology

Mobile Coupons and Beacons: Waves of the Retailing Future
Mobile Marketing Watch, on Wed, 18 Nov 2015 06:26:15 -0800
Mobile Coupons and Beacons Waves of the Retailing Future Mobile advertising is an effective way for companies to reach consumers. But linking a mobile ad to an in-store purchase is important? That's golden. A recent survey confirmed that mobile coupons …

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